31 March 2013

Enter the Sandman Megabloks

This is my first review and owning a toy from Megabloks. It was a blind pack of Marvel series 3 figures.

These series has a number of character that I would like to have such as Spider-man, Iceman and Silver surfer.

But all I get was the Sandman from Spider-man 3.

Although I am not really a fan of Sandman I am rather impress with the articulation and look of this figure from Megabloks. The number of the articulation due to his size can compare with Hasbro bigger figures.

The figure comes with a block and one accessory.

Of all accessories, Megabloks gave this sandman a bag of money since in the Spider-man 3 movie he robbed the bank.

Here is a close up on the face of Sandman

The feet of the figure are hollow so it can fit itself on the brick given.

The only weapon Sandman was his sand mace on his right arm.

If the attack never really works, he can always throw the bag of money on one direct as he run or disappear as sand to the other direction.

I have nothing much to complaint as the price of these figure is cheaper than the details on this toy.

If you are a Marvel fan, you can try your luck on these blind packs.

29 March 2013

LEGO The Lone Ranger Coming

LEGO has yet to have more and more movies licenses figure on their belt. The coming would be The Lone Ranger, a classic TV series that was remade into a movie releasing in July 2013.

The LEGO toys came before the movie and will be releasing April 2013. Here are the playset which should be enough to give you a preview to the movie plot. :P

The Cavalry Builder Set which make out of Lone Ranger and 3 infantry men.

Comanche Camp which is an interesting set of Lone Ranger, 2 Red Indians and scorpions

Stagecoach Escape which the Stagecoach is a beauty.

Colby City Showdown a playset for you to shoot between the Bank and the Sheriff House.

Silver Mine Shootout where there is a tall construct and moving Mine kart

Constitution Train Chase is the biggest playset in the series as you can build a complete loop of the railway tracks for the train.

If you are into old western stuff, this Lego series could be just for you.

So what do I remember about The Lone Ranger? The show always end with Lone Ranger riding off the sunset and someone will ask another "Who is he?" and the other would answer "He is the Lone Ranger."

Catch these set in April.

27 March 2013

Android Lucky Cat Series

If you are a fan of Android collectibles, you will be glad to know a new release of Lucky Cat series!

This Cat series was designed by artist Shane Jessup.  There are meaning on every of this Lucky cat design.

These are White, Gold and Black cat wearing a lucky coin on them

And here are the White, Gold and Black cat holding a larger coin or token.

Then there are Red, Pink and Purple Cat wearing a gold bell. Remind me of Doreamon. 

Finally Green, yellow and Blue Cat carrying a book

These series should be release by now at various retail and also on Dead Zebra Shop.

You may visit this page to understand which Cat suppose to bless you with various luck if you believe in it.

25 March 2013

The Legendary Pokemon Mew

My first learned about the legendary Pokemon Mew is not of the Gameboy game but in the Pokemon: The First Movie.

Mew was a mysterious Pokemon but do you know the Mew was actually a secret character added by the programmer of the pokemon game? It was a character which suppose to be executive to Game Freak (the game developers). However Mew make a couple appearance by the players to encounter due to glitch of the game. This created a hype as the character was rare and not listed. Because of the secret of Mew, the Pokemon game go viral resulting in good sales figure.

Mew being a legendary pokemon, in the movie the human decided to play God to create a Clone using Mew DNA. That resulting MewTwo who started to look for meaning of his life. Soon after in the movie, MewTwo will face with Mew to fight it out.

Mew in the movie was a gentle and quite Pokemon. He often gave an impression that he/she is weightless floating around.

Personally I like Mew as he appear to be really a cool pokemon.

This capsule toy capture the good movement of Mew floating in the middle of the air.

Is Mew your favorite Pokemon as well?

23 March 2013

Medicom RAH Legend of Zelda: Link Coming

If you are a big fan of Legend of Zelda, you be happy to know Medicom will be releasing Link from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in November 2013.

Being a fan and who have played this recent game on Wii, I totally love this figure as the appearance is good looking like the game and it comes with various expression.

Now sometime back Figma did release another version of Skyward sword Link in a 5" figure but this is 12" and the major different is that this is real fabric and just look at the details of Link's costume.

Not to mention it comes with good number of accessories in line with the game.

Medicom articulations enable Link to minic those pose in the game just as the important part of raising the sword toward the sky to charge the sword to attack.

Link can even hold a Bow waiting to shoot at his target!

With a good range of expressions, accessories and articulation with real fabric, I can say this is the Ultimate Link one can get.

If you are a big fan of Legend of Zelda especially in the recent version, this is one figure you may want to consider to get if you have the budget.

The release date is in November 2013 so you may have some time to save up to get this Link.

Yes his name is Link, not Zelda. Thank you. :)

21 March 2013

Bandai Chibi Maruko-chan Cooking Toys

I always enjoy watching the short series of Chibi Maruko-chan anime as it is so family oriented between children and elderly. I never pay much attention on the toys thought until I visited a toy section in a China department store.

Apparently she is popular over there with various cooking toys.

You can DIY beard with cute animals.

DIY sushi meal.

With various playset, you can do different food.

You can even bake cake or make chocolates goodies.

There are even a cotton candy machine!

Although it is a toy, it actually make real cotton candies.

THere are other playsets under Chibi Maruko-chan and it is good for more older children who like to have a taste of cooking.

Will you consider to buy a set to master your cooking skill?

20 March 2013

Bandai Smart Pants Gashapon

Do your smart phone need a Smart Pants? Now that make no sense but let me show you this!

Did you see the pink under pant?

Well that is one of the Smart Under pants from Bandai. These under pants are design just for smart phone  accessories and come with capsule machine.

Here are more shots of the various design (smart phone not included). You can let it wear as a pant on the bottom of your phone or on top of it. Whatever you like.

You can also put it on Samsung S3 beside iPhone. I am not sure on Notes tho. LOL

These series is a limited series that are currently on sale at C3 event in Japan. I do hope somehow it will in Singapore capsule machine tho. You never know. LOL

Will you put the smart pant on your smart phone?

19 March 2013

Dragonball S Battle of the Gods Food

In line with the premiere of Dragonball Z Battle of the Gods, Mini Stop a franchise food chain are having some unique Dragonball product and promotion. One of the successful thing that Japan did well is packaging.

First off,  the Golden French Fries which place in the Super Saiyan packaging which fit well as hair of Super Saiyan.

Next the fired meat balls that is in the shape and color of the Dragonball.

Next, an ice cream in the shape of Majin buu.

Long bun can be package like Goku's Nyoibo

Here is an egg that comes with semi watery yoke that look like Genki dama

If I am in Japan now, I will try out these snacks.

Will you too?

16 March 2013

Hasbro Iron Man 3 Toys

We are just a month away from IRON MAN 3 movie, which is set to hit big screens from 25 April 2013. In line with the movie, Hasbro has released a new line of IRON MAN 3 toys and collectibles. Here is a quick run through.

Hasbro continue to focus on the 3.75" Ironman and for that they are making it more fun by doing a series called IRON MAN 3 ‘ASSEMBLERS’. This line that allows great customisation with its new ‘Interchangeable Armour System’ that can be swapped between figures to create hundreds of incredible IRON MAN combinations.

Here are some of the various Iron man

Continue the tradition of Iron man having his own vehicle, this time is a heavily armed sport car .

As for kids who want to role play Iron man, there is no shortage of Mask and gadgets

Something more interesting is now you have a Mask that shoot darts and a motorized Gauntlet that shoot Nerf disc. That is pretty cool if you ask me.

If you like transformers stuff, here are two Iron man 3 series that transform from vehicle to Iron man!

If you would want a bigger scale Iron man, here are some.

They can shoot missiles, having sound and light.

These are currently in toy department store now in Singapore. Do check them out if you are looking for Iron man 3 toys.

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