31 January 2013

6" Starwars Black Series

Long long time ago, in the history of Starwars toys as we know it. It has been always done on 3.75" inches figure even with Kenner. Hasbro later follow through with more articulation.

After all these years, finally Hasbro decided to go into 6" line for Starwars for a Black Series with X-wing Luke Skywalker R2-D2, Darth Maul and an Imperial Sandtrooper.

This is a protoype of Luke Skywalker

The reason they give was this line is more for Adult collectors. This could appeal to collectors as there are no 6" Starwars figures as more adult collectors would have go for the 12" ones like Hottoys and Sideshows.

However the price of 6" are quite pricy (even the 3.75" of Starwars already pricy in S.E.Asia) that is estimated to be selling at USD$20. I think if this hit Singapore, it would be around SGD $40 which is the retail price here and believe me it has nothing to do with conversion rate from USD to SGD but retail price.

Now the question is will Starwars collectors after years of buying and collecting Starwars will go for this series?

Please comment.

30 January 2013

1/6 Super Alloy Ironman MARK VII & Hall Of Armor

During the 2012 STGCC, we saw the preview from Play Imaginative for Super Alloy Ironman Mark VII. Now finally the Pre-order is here!

Currently this is open to Singapore only and the pre-order will be on now till 4th of March 2013.

The Super Alloy Iron Man Mark VII is fully articulated figure has the full range of movements and poses, and is made of 88% die-cast metal alloy, weighing approximately 1kg.

Die-cast metal mask, torso, arms, and legs
Battery operated lights for ARC Reactor, eyes and palm areas (batteries included). The feet are Magnetized and it will auto activate the Hall of Armor lights when placed in position.

Armored figurine with 50 points of articulation Ball-jointed shoulders for full range of arm movements. Articulation includes body, bendable at upper torso, hands and fingers.

The Packaging artwork by Adi Granov

For the Super Alloy Hall of Armor, it is approx. Dimensions: 24.9cm(W) x 19.1cm(D) x 41.4cm(H) Approx. Weight: 3.6kg. It has Die-cast metal back interior and base with battery operated lights for side, top, back and base areas (batteries included). There are 5 different lighting modes to choose from Infrared remote control operates lights for ease of control within display cabinet.

The Lighting mode 5 automatically activated by magnetised feet in Iron Man figure when placed in position Magnetic sides, top and base allow multiple Halls of Armor to connect with and stack on top of each other Magnetic waist clamp to hold the Iron Man figure in position

The retail pricing for the figure and Hall of Armor is SGD$425.00 but if you pre-order now it is  SGD $390 (member) / SGD $400 (non-member).

Read more at http://www.playimaginative.com/SuperAlloy_IronManMk7/ for it term and conditions.

28 January 2013

Masked Rider Vintage T-Shirt

As a guy, our wardrobe are limited in design and when fashion is concern, we wear what we care about and most of the time we are referring to T-shirt. When we saw a T-shirt that caught our eyes, we will get those T-shirt.

This is one of a T-shirt that I have added in my wardrobe. A vintage looking Masked Rider (aka Kamen rider) T-shirt.

This T-shirt has the licensed Ishimori Production INC and TOEI Company Limited and here is the front design of the Rider 1 in vintage drawing with his Cyclone.

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I am a fan of the older Kamen rider.

The back of the T-shirt has the silhouette of Rider 1 on Cyclone too!

The T-shirt package has this sticker which state this is Vintage Limited Edition.I was happy to get one!

Along with the T-shirt was this tag that has Ichigo aka Rider 1 doing the jump with his cyclone bike illustration.

On the flip side of the tag has the license of Waranan Garment Co. Ltd and a Halogram sticker of authenticity.

I know there are some collectors who collect garments for keeping and not really wearing it but I am not one of those. I will surely wear this especially for the coming Chinese Lunar New Year. LOL

If you are interested in this type of T-shirt, do let me know by commenting on this post. :)

26 January 2013

Final Fantasy V Keychains

Memory flash back again when I see these key chains characters from Final Fantasy V. This particular Final Fantasy series did not translate into English languages and thus I did not really complete the series. The story of this final fantasy was not that story either.

Nonetheless, the Job system work in a way that your character can learn various skills when you are in a certain Jobs. When in different class, your appearance will be different. In the Wind Crystal, here is the Knight class

And here are the White Mage

Depending on the characters, the outlook of the same Job is different such as this White mage

At the back of this figure is the trademark of this figure of where it is made and the licensing year.

For water Crystal you have Red Mage which look pretty cool to me.

I am unable to know who is this character in the series nor it class.

Here are the group shot of this Final Fantasy V keychains. I do not think it was complete but it is fun knowing there are keychain of them.

Have you played or complete Final Fantasy V before?

24 January 2013

Dancing Lion Android Special Edition

We are less than a month to Chinese Lunar New year and Android designed one for Asia release of Dancing Lion design on Android figure.

Basically this is Chinese Lion Dance which is a festive dance for good fortune during the new year in business or new household. The face was the design of a Dancing Lion with gold dye on the eyes. During the lion dance, the lion will have to consume green vegetable that normally tied to a scroll with writing of blessing. At the end of the dance, the writing will be presented to the leader of the house for good fortune.

These details were put into the Dancing Lion design. If you are wondering what the writing on this Android, it mean Promotion and prosperity in the coming new year.

I have to say I am still impressed on how they put thoughts into the Chinese Lunar New year Festive theme on Android.

You can read more on how to get it here at a limited time if you are in US. For Asia, look around for the reseller at your location in that link too!

22 January 2013

Goku Vs Jackie Chun

Today I am sharing with you the Young Goku and Jackie Chun which is one of the early battle in the chapter of Dragonball.

Some of your Dragonball fans may be asking by now isn't this Master Roshi and why did he called Jackie Chun? You see Master Roshi disguised himself as Jackie Chun to inspire his disciples not to be overly confident and to know there are stronger opponent in the world

Master Roshi supposed to be bald but in order to disguise himself as another person, he has to put on a wig with super glue.

Dressed in Chinese suit of black and putting a Crane pose, he is one Kungfu master.

Little do anyone knows he is the legendary Master Roshi.

At the back of this figure marks the Made in China 2008

On the other end is the Young Son Goku.

Under Master Roshi training, Goku wore the symbol of .Turtle on his back proudly.

Goku has no issue learning the Kamahamaha even though he saw it the first time used by Master Roshi. Of course his technique get better when he practice more often.

Facing his Master (unknown to him), will he defeat Jackie Chun with this killer move??


The ending is up to you to imagine but in the Manga or comic itself, Goku actually lost the fight to Jackie Chun which greatly inspire him to be even better and stronger.

Again these are good figures for those who love the early Dragonball where the plot is simple but amazing.

20 January 2013

Review of Today Toy Sales

Regardless that I have been CSC on Sunday to shop for toys, this is my first time being a seller at the table. I did not have the whole table to myself as I was riding on a group of friends. I carry two full bags of toys to CSC hoping to sell them off as I need the space at home and want these toys to have a better owner.

This is how our table look like in the beginning of the day. All of us are excited to wait for shoppers. 

As you can tell, our table is quite diverse as we have much Gundam toys, gashapons and some Dragonball toys.

One of the main thing we are trying to push are these BB Gundam which are mint in box with the all the model kit part not assembled. We were offering five bucks but still the sales is not what we expected.

One reason could be the wrong crowd as we get quite a number of shoppers looking for TMNT and other stuff.

As for me, these were the toys I wanted to clear and at the end of the day, I only managed to clear 20 percent of it. :(

We changed much of the presentation that few hours to try out how to attract more crowd and get people to really appreciate what we are selling.

All I have to say it is quite an experience to sell your toys on the table rather than a regular shoppers at CSC.

Will I ever going to have a table again? I may but not likely in the near future.

A Big thank you for those who got the toys from us and I hope you find much joy in them. :)

19 January 2013

My Toy Sales happening this Sunday

Just want to share that I will be clearing some of my toy collection at China Square Center this coming Sunday 20th of January 2013 at a second floor table together with other toys collectors.

This is the first time I join in a flea market and I will sharing the table with other toy collectors. All items on sale there are at good prices. There will be other wonderful toys on sales at the table too.

Here is a preview of some toys that will be selling that day.

This is one of the special items that will be sale that day and you have to drop by to see what is that Gundam Fans!

Do drop by this Sunday from 12pm to 4pm. If you are there, please say Hi!

16 January 2013

Gundam Unicorn Episode 6 Tickets

As 2013, Gundam Unicorn episode 6 is on the way. So if you want to watch it on the big screen on the same day screening in Japan. Here is your chance!

Episode 6: Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows. Here is the trailer.

From now till 22nd February 2013, you just need to buy some model kit to redeem your tickets by filling the redemption coupon and send to SHENG TAI TOYS PTE LTD.

You need to purchase the following kit to get 1 Tickets such as HG RGM-96X Jesta Cannon or Rozen Zulu.

If you get the MG Banshee Unicorn Titanium finishing version, you will be entitle to redeem two tickets.

Please note that even you have the redemption ticket, ticket will be redeem in first come first serve basis.

The date and venue will be finalist and will inform you later as it has not be finalise.

Inori Yuzuriha Cosplay shot by Hexlord

I have the pleasure to share these awesome cosplay of  Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown taken by my friend Hexlord and the cosplayer Miiko Thng.

When he showed me these photos I know I have to share it here as they are awesome. I also asked what and how did he take these awesome cosplay photo even with good cosplayer like Miiko Thug and here is Hexlord respond.

I have always been attracted to this series due to the character design by the famous Japanese artist Redjuice, so when I had the chance to work with my cosplay friend to shoot this unique outfit for Inori I jumped at the chance really.

I had chosen the modern and somewhat futuristic buildings of Putrajaya (the administrative capital of Malaysia) as the main site for our photoshoot. We had permission to shoot around the vicinity of the buildings and the weather/lighting has been very good to us.  

For the main photo (below) which I had submitted recently to CosplayPhotographers.com's 2012 Photo of the Year competition, I took advantage of the low angle as well as my wide angle lens, taking a series of photos as she spin around in a circle. This was the best shot of the lot, and I hope you like it as well. 

On a personal note for being a friend of Hexlord who have taken these professional looking photography, I have to say the following on my personal opinion

Hexlord has been around doing good cosplay photography for as long as I know him and he is doing these cosplay photography for years out of the expense of his free time.

His vision is to take cosplay photography to higher standard that it will be a form of art.

All I asked of you is to show your support and encouragement if agree these work are good and if you do, please vote for him by clicking on the following link and within that page, click on Like button. The contest will end at 31 January 2013.

Update: Thanks to all the votes, Hexlord is the winner of CosplayPhotographers.com's 2012

15 January 2013

King Piccolo Punch!

Before Dragonball Z, there was Dragonball and I have a particular liking of that storyline when Goku was young and he went through the hardship of training and facing stronger enemy to gain more strength. One of the Epic battle was his first encounter with King Piccolo. That first battle, Goku barely survived as he was out matched and the battle was quick.

From that scene, a capsule was made by Bandai and I am amazed by the details for this Diorama.

First let's see the details of the first Piccolo aka King Piccolo. Piccolo was introduced in a aging form where he was released from a long imprisonment and he has a goal to collect all the Dragonball to restore his youth.

If you have read the story of Dragonball, you will know the King Piccolo was pure evil and he is beyond redemption. The symbol of "Mo" aka the devil or demon, he wore it with pride.

Son Gokun at this stage was still a kid but he has much potential due to his Saiyan bloodline.  He was wearing the first Dragonball when he met King Piccolo. 

Young Goku was under Master Roshi and wore his symbol and travel with his Nyoibo left behind by Goku's grandfather.His tail was not taken away yet and he was still unaware why he has a tailed and what effect do the full moon has on him when he has his tail.

Goku was very much out matched by King Piccolo but he face the battle with great courage. Although he lost this battle, he survived and return for a rematch with King Piccolo shortly.

King Piccolo may have won the battle but not the war.

With the attitude like Goku, you can never keep him down for long and he will return for more and he did. Eventually he defeated King Piccolo whom at his death uses his last strength to produce Piccolo whom will challenge Goku to take revenge and settle the score.

Overall I love this diorama because of the characters capture and coloring.  What about you?

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