WCF Kamen Rider Fourze Elekstates

Today I am going to review on the World Collectable Kamen Rider series on Fourze Elekstates

These series come in box and it was not those blind box. What you see on the cover of the box is the actual toy. For this Fourze it is at the number 50.

Another side of the box will have the various Kamen rider in the series.

Out of box, the figure details like painting are superb although it stand shorter than 3 inches.

The bigger head make the figure cuter. The golden paint on the costume was even from head to toe.

For Kamen Rider Fourze, it has the ability to switch with element and make this series for him to have many forms.

Back to the figure, you can see the translucent belt painting was precise at where the paint on the button should be.

At the back which is on the butt was a hole for the stand support. For this Fourze, it doesn't really need a stand as it balance rather well.

The beauty to me of a Kamen Rider are on the helmet of the big eyes. You can see the clear detail of the eye and the helmet paint is flawless.

This series isn't cheap but for the work on the details and painting it is really worth it for a collector. Unfortunately for many, mostly these series do not sell separately but in a full set which make some collector turn off as they maybe some they are not interested to get.

However if you do get the whole box, you will get the whole set for sure as there will be no extra or rare.

Do you like this Elekstates from World collectable series?


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