Visit to Diver City Tokyo Plaza Gundam

Like most Gundam fan dream is to be able to visit or to see a life size Gundam. Finally it was my turn to make that happen with my family trip to Tokyo Japan. After reading so much on the internet, it is time for me to see the 1:1 Gundam with my own eyes at Diver City Tokyo Japan.

From a far my kid and I saw the big structure of Gundam and we actually ran toward it. My son in particularly was running very fast. At the feet of the Gundam this is all I can see from below.

Here is the close up photo of the chest of Gundam. You may click on the photo below for a new view.

The Gundam really solid as a rock standing tall against the strong windy afternoon when I was there.

The feet of Gundam is huge and for the first time I can imagine the scale of me standing beside it. You may click on the picture below for a better view of the feet.

This is the back view of the 1:1 Gundam

Beside the 1:1 Gundam, there was Gundam merchandises for visitor to have a piece of Gundam.

There was a capsule machines for you to get the exclusive capsule model kit.

There was the latest Zaku Helmet pillow. I don't have enough luggage space to bring this back with me.... T-T

Right beside there was a Gundam Cafe. Time to go in to check out other goodies.

Getting something to drink or eat?

There are various Gundam related products ranging from stationary to cups.

Various Gundam theme decoration food which you can order.

Here are some I like which are Zaku Mugg!

I did not left the area empty handed. I got myself this Gunpla exclusive! MSM-04 ACGUY ver in RX78-2 theme.

I would say the experience of looking at the 1:1 Gundam made everyone day. If you happen to be Tokyo, do go and experience for the sight for yourself.


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