Tokyo Front Gundam Gashapon

At my visit to Diver City at Tokyo, I went for the capsule machine which is exclusive at Gundam Front. Between a translucent and the normal RX78-2 capsule toy, I got the normal.

Out of the wrapper, putting this up would be easy as there are only 7 pieces.

I start off with the legs which have a slight variation between left and right feet.

Much of the torso and head are intact. Once assemble, it is firm and won't fall off easily.

The left hand comes with the rifle. You can twist the hand around.

Final piece, the Shield with the marking of WB102.

Close up one the painting which is quite bad but then again it is small and the price is alright. The decal was well put on and the detail of the copper paint on the elbows look good too.

More details on the whole body. Most of the paint are neat except the reds on the head.

Here together with the Real Grade 1/1 Gundam Construction set side by size for size comparison. You can see the size of the Tokyo Front Gundam Gashapon is bigger. 

This should be one of the must get souvenir when you visit Diver City 1:1 Gundam. It is affordable and symbolic at the same time.

How do you find this capsule toy?


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