NAFA JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters Exhibition

There is an exhibition going on at Nayang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore regarding Japan Kingdom of Characters. It is open from 15 November to 12 December 2013 at Lim Hak Tai Gallery at NAFA building itself and Free Admission.

So what is this exhibition about? It is all about Japan character in term of illustration. If this exhibition is about naming and pointing characters from Japan that you know in your life time, it is already a successful one. I would obtained an A if that was the requirement.

The exhibition I think is to pay tribute to some characters and what happen to them to go international.

The starting of the exhibition start from introduction through timeline in 1950s.

In the 50s and 60s after the second world war, Japan started to created Manga Astroboy, cartoon Tetsujin28gou and even motion picture character Ultraman.

If you must know Godzilla was also created in 1950s but somehow was not in the picture. Doreamon Manga first issue was created in 1969 too which suppose to be in this timeline.

In the 70s, things are more happening and you have much more lasting characters which are big today like Hello Kitty in 1974. Most of this characters cross out of Japan as no one else where ever thought of it but Japan.

In this timeline, the animation was very long lasting such as Mazinger Z, Galaxy Express 999, Captain Future and Gatchaman. In motion picture with real actor was Kamen Rider aka Masked Rider which blew my mind as a child.

The exhibition will take you as far to the millennium of a more up to date characters.

The exhibition not only having picture but some sculptures and toys display too of some popular characters like Hello Kitty....

A tall Ultraman which look awesome

Life size Rei...

A human scale Gundam RX78-2

life size Pikachu and more!

If you want to know just how much a Japanese character has influences in people liftstyle, check out this real bedroom theme at the exhibition to have a sense of how Hello Kitty has enter into lifestyle as every item on display as a room are all Hello Kitty theme.

If you have the time, pop by the exhibition to experience yourself just how much Japanese character has on your lifestyle.

You may read more detail at Nafa website


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