LEGOLAND Discovery Center Odaiba Tokyo

Since I was in Japan, I visited LEGOLAND Discovery Center at Odaiba Tokyo. This is a new attraction as it was opened in June 2012.

This is an indoor theme park filled with more than 3 million LEGO bricks and our LEGO experience began with a guided tour of the LEGO Factory. Although it was indoor, it was 3 levels. Here is a sample directory which cater for Adults and young children.

At this factory section, you get to learn how LEGO brick was created from plastic to molding with some fun interactive.

One of the fun feature was to measure your weight by the number of LEGO bricks. Not many like this section especially the woman who are mostly weight cautious. Hehehe

After leaving the factory section would be diorama representing the cityscape of Tokyo. Now this is one place I spent most of my time to look in detail of everything there as it was around Halloween period and there are some hidden Ghost Easter egg to be spotted.

All the bulidings are model after the buildings and places in Tokyo such as the Ferris wheel.

Baseball stadium...

The Temples... Can you spot a Ghost LEGO at the temple?

Just like in real life, many will stand in front of the temple to take photos.

The famous Rainbow bridge and Tokyo Tower.

Now the wonderful thing is that if you wait long enough, the light will dim to simulate the night time and the building lights will start to glow just like the Rainbow bridge.

So does the Japan airport haneda

See the light effect on the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Not forgetting the stadium of Sumo wrestling.

The night light of Ginza.

And the famous Shinjuku crossing all in LEGO style and scale.

Next was the Shooting game where you sit on a moving tram into the Kingdom Quest. In that section they do not allow photography so no photo.

Next will be the dynamic 4D theater

There are some merry go round ride called Merlin's apprentice.

There are some playground section for physical kids in LEGO City design.

There are also other area for kids to play for making LEGO or sit on LEGO model if you are really young enough.

There are also life size LEGO character for kids to take photo with.

Along the wall you also get to see many LEGO characters but most languages are in Japanese of course.

Remember the LEGO minifigure series, well since we are in Japan, they are in Capsule machine!! How cool is it right?

Here is a souvenir that we received since it was during Halloween period at the entrance.

This indoor discovery LEGOLAND is quite fun for young kids and if you are in Japan Tokyo and you are a LEGO fan, this is one place you would want to visit. Make sure you have time like 3 hours to really enjoy everything.

Here is the official website in Japanese


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