Hi5! We turned Five.

Open The Toy has turned FIVE today. Five long years of toy blogging and why am I still doing this?

Seems like a tradition I have to blog some personal thoughts on this blog regarding the history which is in the past, present and the future.

For the history I think I will skip as I have done four posts previously on Open the Toy Anniversaries.
Year 1: Happy One year old
Year 2: We turned Two
Year 3: Third Year
Year 4: May the fourth be with you always

For the Present, this blog turned FIVE. The question you may asked would be has there be any changes?

The answer is YES.  As a regular readers, you may have observed a slow down in posting daily but instead just a couple of post in the week. Why? because blogging do take quite amont of my time and I have been posting and discussion on Open the Toy facebook page instead. That does not mean I will forget about this blog. It just take time to do proper writing and taking photo on toy reviews.

Talking about toys, I have been more strict in getting new toys as my space are running out and my kid now has his own league of toys. Plus the sadden toys prices are getting higher in Singapore.

The amount of money compare to the quality and the fun factor doesn't match up for me. I rarely spend more than a hundred on a toy regardless it was full height, good details or LEDs. As I travel out of my country more,  I discovered we paid premium prices for toys regardless Singapore was a tax free port. Some argue on the ridicules prices on retail rental which could be true but end of the day is still the profit margin.Will I still be a sucker to pay much more than a toy that is worth lesser than it should?

Truth to be told, I noticed many toy collectors and even toy bloggers started out with me has been slowing down too. Collectors are no longer suckers now and reseller now cannot let go of some Mint-in-box toys thinking it would fetch profit. I guess the bubble would burst soon and the generation of toy lover may wake up and do away with some toy robber and learn to do without as life is short and you cannot take it with you in the end of days.

Why is this post so depressing on the anniversary? Am I going to close this blog on toys? Well if toy prices continue to be ridiculous and the quality of toys get worst I would. Because there will be nothing much fun to blog on toys.

That is the very reason you may notice I go for more simple toys to blog and connect. Having a young child now, it taught me what is fun all over again. There are some toys that I have overlooked but my son will love it because of some feature and characters he seen on TV which he can connect.

I guess that would be the direction going forward on Open the Toys as Toys are meant to be FUN and as much as fandom and collector addiction, I will go for some simple and fun toys.

Lastly I want to say a Big Thank you for your support and following. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy about sharing my thoughts and passion on Toys, Games and anything FUN.


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