Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise Palette Town Tokyo

In my visit to Tokyo, I visited Palette Town which is at Odaiba Tokyo which is near to Diver city Gundam site.

In that building, something pinkish caught my eyes. It's this Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise!

It was spacious and lot of Hello kitty stuff!! At the door was 3 Hello Kitty candy machine. Each filled with different candy favors.

There are various game and ride machines for kids and adults to play.

Looking at the machines for rides are more suitable for children tho. I know for some of the bigger size, some adult may have ridden it. 

One of the attraction is the indoor train which allow strictly for kids to board and play.

The train would go around some Hello Kitty decoration and one of them is this big Hello kitty statue.

There are shows too as I saw a stage area for performances.

There was a time table of the show time.

If you are hungry to have a snack, there is a Pancake Party

Here you can enjoy some sweet desert.

Basically there is a vending machine with different ice cream to serve your order of selection.

When you are full, you can continue to play game such as the UFO machine where you use a claw to pick up your Hello Kitty

There are others stuff toys with various design. Try you skill and luck!

If you want something other than UFO, there are some skill games for you to try too.

Now if you just want to buy stuff, you can head to the shop section which offer various merchandises.

In case you could not make up your mind, there are some recommendation for you too.

One thing that impress me was the art decoration which are all Hello Kitty such as this love Fountain.

There was a lover section which allow you to put your love wishes and hook them up. Just make a wish.

Walking through this Kawaii Paradise, I truly understand the love many have for Hello Kitty and this shop stand out not only in product or game section but the decoration of Hello Kitty which make it like walking into a exhibition .

Truly this is a Hello Kitty experience at the limited floor space. Well done!


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