Dream Tomica Batmobile

There used to be a graying tower alone on the sea. You became the light on the dark side of me. Wait that is for Batman Forever not the first Batman in the 1989 who is played by Michael Keaton.

The first Batman movie was a more dark classic movie where the Gothum city was from another world. A world from Tim Burton which is Dark and artistic classy.

As Batman is known for his gadgets, one of the focus would be the Batmobile.

There are couple of toys and mobel of this version of Batman and today I have the pleasure to review this version from Tomica under the Dream TOMICA series number 146 from TakaraTomy.

The licenses of Batman, DC comics and Warner Brothers was printed on the box too.

The toy although compare to other car in the series are more smaller in scale but the design accuracy make up for that. The signature of this Batmobile would be the Jet engine at the front of the vehicle.

This Batmobile give a more racer design which is pretty aero dynamic. The designer added wings at the back of vehicle to be a Batmobile.

Tomica make a clear see through windscreen for Batmobile but there was no Batman figure inside. I would prefer they put a black shaded windscreen which will make the Batmobile look more realistic.

Although most of the vehicle are painted with black, the base of this toy was in chrome silver.

If Batman would need higher speed boost, the back of the engine would give Nitro boost giving fire.

From the top view, Batmobile design get better.

Given to the scale of this Batmobile, it is very difficult to put a Batman figure of any size with it. I can only simulate the effect with the smallest Batman from kubrick that I have using camera scaling position to do this.

I do not have the Michael Keaton Batman and so I used the classic Detective Batman version.

How does it look?

If you are a Batman fan, this is one worth vehicle which is quite reasonable pricing to get.


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