KRE-O Transformers Custom KREON

For fans of Transformers who like the Cute KREON, there are more KREON for you to collect as Hasbro know it! Now you can customize it with Custom KREON that is currently out in retails.

There are 40 pieces for Bumblebee and 43 Pieces for Starscream which allow you to have 16+ combinations.

Here are some samples of customize combinations and they even include a shelving to keep it neat for the parts.

Others in the series include my favorite Soundwave!!

A close up on the parts including two helmets as one in chrome and other in translucent.

Let you create your own KREON for Soundwaves.

For fans who love mini-figures of Transformers, these series supply your needs and wants.

It is out in retail over here in Singapore. Just look out for it!

Transformed and Roll out!!


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