31 October 2013

DisneySea Halloween 2013 Transit Streamer Line

Happy Halloween everyone! Today I am going to do a review on DisneySea Halloween 2013 exclusive Transit Streamer Line

This special only can be found in DisneySea only and this is just for Halloween 2013.

This is a repaint in Halloween tone which is mainly orange and purple with golden lining.

The top of the Stream liner is orange and have some purple outline with face of Mickey mouse of it.

A close up on the Mickey and Halloween 2013 marking.

There are seating arrangement on this Halloween liner. 

A closer look of the steam driven paddle.

As a toy this toy can cruise well on it's roller but do not put this toy on the surface of water as it will sunk as it is diecast.

That being said, the rollers are smooth and with a little push, it can certainly cruise along for the Halloween. 

Happy Halloween everyone!!

30 October 2013

Gundam Front Tokyo Zaku Pillow

Standby Mono-eye Zaku lover! Now you can bring Zaku to sleep!

From the Gundam Front Tokyo in end of October which is now for this Zaku Cushion.

The cushion is 40cm in diameter and will be selling at listed price of 3,980 Yen.

Here how you can make full use of it!

Cool right for nap? Zaku rocks!

28 October 2013

Green Dragon Wizard Playmobil

This is my first Wizard Playmobil in my collection and it was the Green Dragon Wizard. This Playmobil basically fulfill all the stereotyping of Wizard.

How exactly Stereotyping you may asked, well ask yourself who does this Playmobil resemble? First think you will likely to think of Gandalf the Grey who was a old Wizard in Lord of the Rings.

Basically a tall pointy hat, long flowing beard and wearing a traditional robe.

For a Wizard of those in Lord of the Rings, the magic of the Wizard has to do with their staff and somehow this Playmobil staff very much resemble staff of Saruman.

The magic could be coming from the sphere or the staff basically amplify the magic ability of the Wizard.

The Wizard also have a bunch of keys for him to safe keep something.

Without his hat, the figure remind me of those kings deign on those poker cards. Maybe it's me but I find the eyes of the Playmobil quite comical giving those side way look.

Nonetheless, the Wizard was dressed in nobility as it comes with rich texture dressing with capes.

The rotation of the wrist gave more life to this Wizard as he no longer need to hold straight the staff.

Since he was a Green Dragon wizard, one of the magic is to be able to control the Dragon. I don't have a Playmobil Dragon so I have to get Toothless to stand in for the role.

Now the Wizard continue to cast the spell to charm the Dragon. That's how he train the Dragon. :P

And off he ride the Dragon as a mount to anywhere he wanted.

Such was the magic of the Green Dragon Wizard. I could be wrong tho. LOL

27 October 2013

Bootleg LEGO Raphael TMNT

Since LEGO release the TMNT toys, it excite me. However for some particular reason, these LEGO TMNT series was not release in Singapore retail. Maybe it has to do with licensing issue. Anyway I was surprise to find some non-LEGO TMNT toys and it was just the figure itself.

As the cover shows, it is just call Turtles and the original LEGO logo was replaced by the name ZHIAO.

As there are Chinese wording replacement on the cover, I assuming this was from China. In the chinese name, it is still translated as Ninja Turtles.

As a figures by itself, it comes with accessories and playing cards.

More details can be found at the back of the packaging.

It is interesting that the packaging has disclaimer and safety notices. Guess there should have some difference parts that is difference from packaging.

Out of package, these are some of the parts...

Now for the cards, the maker went to extra steps to put special coating on the cards. Can you see the 3D halogram effect on the card surfaces under some angle of light?

After the assembly, Raphael is done.

The playing cards in total were 5.

I love the back view of the shell. I have to say for a bootleg, the quality match my expectation.

The figure comes with skateboard.

That all of my review currently.

26 October 2013

Pokemon MewTwo Model Kit

Meet the most powerful Pokemon in History done by the human genetically. Meet MewTwo!

My first encounter with MewTwo was in the Pokemon the First Movie and I instantly love him even though he was the villain of the show.

These model kit like the rest in the series are pretty simple but the does not compromised the detail and the likeness of the pokemon we know.

This model kit just require a bit of stickers and sanding if you want and even without coloring, it is good for display. Now let me assemble it.

The model kit even throw in some action figure feature which you can see how some joints are interlink below on the body of MewTwo.

There are some pieces of muscles to make MewTwo as MewTwo.

I find it interesting that although MewTwo has a neck but there is still another organic part interlink the body and the head.

As MewTwo is created from Mew a legendary pokemon, it inherit some of it features such as the kangaroo legging.

When building this model kit, I noticed that there is no different parts for the feet and wrist of MewTwo. That means the same part can be build left or right or the other way round. Pretty cool to me.

The tail of MewTwo consist of two parts and the lower tail allow it to twist.

The model kit comes with a stand that hold MewTwo up and you really need to put this stand to use as MewTwo cannot stand alone by itself.

Basically the stand just allow the lower belly to rest and make him stable.

The finished MewTwo just look fantastic as it is of the movie!

Every details can be seen 360 degrees.

Now the action part is when you lift the tail up, the right arms will raise up with it too.

So this is MewTwo, the most powerful Pokemon created by man who trying to play God and got backfired. 

Here is MewTwo meeting the Pikachu from the same model kit series. Do note the model kit of these two are not to scale. Pikachu should be way smaller.

The story of MewTwo was a sad one as he had originally no purpose and found that he was created by human. However he changed his heart at the end of the movie when he saw how Pokemon and human can understand each other.

Here is the prequel of MewTwo in the Pokemon first movie

If you like MewTwo like me and like to do model kit, you can get this set which is currently out in retail.

By the way if you are playing Pokemon X or Pokemon Y, MewTwo can get into Mega MewTwo X or Mega MewTwo Y.

Do you like MewTwo too?

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