The Loyal Subject Transformers: Thundercracker

Fans who likes the G1 Transformers series, you may like what I am going to share and review today. Introducing The Loyal Subject X Transformers.

This is a blind box concept and it allow you to have the thrill to buy one and see if the luck is on your side which you may get what you wanted.

Here are both sides of Decepticons and Autobots including the chances they can get in the whole box.

I got a Decepticon and he is one of the seekers, Thundercracker. The box comes with this card with a short introduction of Thundercracker.

I have to say the G1 design do look good on this designer toy version. Thundercracker look amazing.

At his back, you can see his wings with each having a Decepticon logo.

At the sole of the feet, it has the original marking of Transformers and The Loyal Subjects.

There are decent articulation on this figure with the neck, arms, wrists, waist and legs.

Thundercrackers also comes with his G1 weapon which you can fit that on his hands.

For the scale and details, there isn't much I can ask for except Transformation.

Regardless if you like G1 Transformers and wanted to have some toys for display on desk and basic playing, these figures are good to collect and look great at your display..

If you are interested in this series, you can find out more at Singapore here


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