The Loyal Subject Transformers: Jazz

How would I stop at team Decepticon previously and to keep the toy balance it is time to get an Autobots for The Loyal Subject Transformers series.

True enough the blind box that I get have an Autobot and the figure I got was Jazz who is everything about Style.

I just love the G1 style of Jazz as I love the square jaw line.

You can see the figure had the classic G1 decal of number 4 on his side body.

While the back is like the back of the vehicle disguise mode

Jazz was armed with his own photon rifle which the toy also provide and it look pretty cool.

The sole of the feet has the trademark of Transformers and The Loyal Subjects.

Since I have Thundercracker , it is time for them to meet up or face off. Hehehe

who will win? You decide.


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