Revoltech Toy Story 2 Jessie coming

Sometime ago Revoltech introduce Woody and Buzz lightyear. After a couple of years later, they decided to add on more character from Toy Story 2 and it is Jessie.

Yes she is as cheerful as she was in Toy Story 2.

Jessie comes with 3 faces, cowboy hat, Lasso and a few pairs of hands.

The good feature for this toy is comes with eyeball for you play around giving different expression.

Here is Jessie playing with her Lasso.

Just like the story, Jessie can do a emo face too when she recall how she was abandon.

Revoltech Jessie is the same height as Woody around 145mm in height. Buzz is still too short in this series.

She will be releasing in December 2013 just in time for Christmas.

Are you bring her home? Hee Har!


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