PS3 GTA V : My First hour of Play

Finally 17 September has arrived and it is the release of another GTA installment GTA5! Months ago I pre-ordered the game after reading the news on how big, better graphics and new game play.

So here it is, my own copy of GTA V. Do not that this game is for anyone above 18 years of age.

I just got the normal version that it come with one fully packed Bluray disc. The game packaging comes with map of Los Santos.

It took approximately 25 minutes when you first run the Bluray disc and it start the installation. Granted the size of the map and the 200 songs of the radio, I guess that is understandable. It is really a Big map with lots of details.

The story begin with 3 guys robbing a bank and how you get introduce to the gameplay functions with a storyline. Only 1 of them survive and seems to escape. The story get back to current timing where you start to be a black dude doing a Grand Thief Auto. You will be given two choices to get which car you want to drive.

After stealing the car, delivered and escape from cops and traffic. The white car that I had chosen was rather damage. Just look at the improvement of graphic of the damage on the car on PS3.

The game allow you to increase various status so it will be bonus and help in certain mission.

Beside stealing cars, there are other all too familiar feature in the game such as eating, sleeping, playing mini game and of course driving around to pick up hookers. Now they offer different package... ||-_-

Listening to the game AI suggestion, I went to the barber to get a hair cut. Pretty stylish.

That's all for my first hour of play and indeed I have lot of learn about the game and try out. If I discover more, I will surely be sharing here. So follow me!

Do note that this game is to be played only by anyone above 18 years of age.


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