Nickelodeon TMNT MetalHead

I knew I got to have Metalhead when I saw his first appearance in the latest  Nickelodeon TMNT series.

In the series, Donny got the parts of Krangs and decided to make his own robot to even the odds between them and Krang. So with some of the parts from defeated Krang robot, Donny made his own robot named MetalHead.

He was created when Donny found out that fighting against Krang using his wooden Bo is not enough. Originally he can pilot him remotely using a control pad. He was design so that Donny do not need to physically fight Krang.

That action was frown upon by his brothers and even though the robot was well equiped for battle, it got overwrite by Krang later. His shell was a sewage cover with New York City marking on it.

This toy was quite well balance due to a big stable feet.

The feet on the other hand was hallow. Nonetheless that did not affect the stability.

There is a control panel on the top of Metalhead which the Krang intercepted the control from Donny. 

Metalhead has many weapons built in and the right hand was a flame thrower for the toy. Donny actually put a Hot warning sign on his arms.

For the fire, the toy comes with a missile to simulate the fire effect. You just need to push the missile into the hole of his right palm.

Time to let Metalhead meet his maker. Donnatello! I hope Donny is happy to see his robot.  

I fancy this Metalhead and I am glad my kid is currently enjoying him by playing with him now. 
Got to end my review and pass the toy back to my kid. :)

If you are a TMNT fans, this is one cool Turtles you got to have. :)


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