LEGO CUUSOO #4 - Back To The Future

Today we have another Guest review a LEGO building kit from the LEGO CUUSOO series by Yee Tat who owned this cool  DeLorean Time Machine toy!
Over to Yee tat.

This is LEGO CUUSOO #4 - Back To The Future (aka DeLorean Time Machine) from the Back To The Future movie trilogy.

For those who are unaware, LEGO CUUSOO is a project set up by LEGO to invite fellow builders to submit ideas on what they can build using LEGO bricks. Builders submit pictures of their works online and visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite entry in hope to see it realize into an actual LEGO building kit.

This Back To The Future DeLorean Time Machine building design by Masashi Togami is originally one of those fortunate entries.

You can see at the back of the box all three versions of the DeLorean Time Machine. This building kit provides you with all the parts you need to build each version one at a time.

Let's "Open The Toy"!

Inside the box, there is a building manual and packets contains all 401 bricks to build this toy.

Follow the instructions in the manual and you shall have built all these. Built minifigs of Doc Brown, Marty McFly and his skateboard and of course Doc Brown's "The Big One, the one he has been waiting for all his life", the DeLorean Time Machine.

The minifigs of Doc Brown and Marty McFly also come with alternate facial expressions.

The torso of both minifigs are also printed on the backs.

We are introduced to the DeLorean Time Machine in the first Back To The Future movie.

The toy comes with working gull-wing doors like the actual DeLorean car.
What makes this building kit awesome is they come with specific printed bricks. See OUTATIME licence plate? There are also several printed bricks like the CALIFORNIA Licence Plate from year 2015, Time Circuit display and of course the Flux Capacitor. You can see official pictures of them on the official product website at

When Doc Brown went to year 2015, he had the DeLorean time machine hover-converted and replaced the Flux Capacitor's power source with MR FUSION energy reactor.

This toy is perfectly capable of folding the wheels in hover mode just like in the movie. This is my favourite scene from Back To The Future : Part II movie.

To make the DeLorean Time Machine look like it is "flying", you need to install the clear building bricks underneath the toy, to create the visual effect.

Ok, the attire don't look like what our lead characters wore in the movie. Unfortunately, this building kit did not include extra bricks for minifigs for Doc Brown and Marty's attire worn in Part 2 and Part 3 of the movie trilogy.

"As you are well aware time travel is an inherently risky activity. There is always a possibility that I could land in trouble some time. You have come to my rescue in the past, or was it the future? Anyway, when you get there I'm sure you'll figure out what to do. Good luck." Doc Brown from "Back To The Future : The Game" video game.

In Back To The Future : Part III, Marty goes to rescue Doc Brown from the wild west of 1885. With help from Doc Brown from 1955, the DeLorean Time Machine is retro-fitted with wheels and alternate time circuits installed on the hood made in 1955, literally.

Of course, MR FUSION and the 2015 licence plate still hang on the back just like in the movie.

LEGO CUUSOO #4 - Back To The Future (DeLorean Time Machine) looks great on display. Just try not to play with it too much, because certain parts and bricks fall off easily.

The original box you got lets you pack your completed toy intact too. :)

This building kit sells at LEGO stores in US and UK, and also through Back To The Future fan sites like The last time I checked, the local LEGO distributor stores in Singapore do not sell LEGO CUUSOO #4 kit. Therefore, you will have to order this toy through these online stores in US or UK.

LEGO CUUSOO #4 - Back To The Future (DeLorean Time Machine) looks great on display. Just try not to play with it too much, because certain parts and bricks fall off easily.

If you are a big Back To The Future movie buff, you would like this toy as much as I did.

Until next time.... "TO BE CONTINUED --->"

Thanks again for Yee Tat to share this rare and awesome Back to the Future officially from LEGO.


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