Hot Toys MIS14 Leslie Cheung Passion Tour Version

Few months ago, Hot toys did a memorial figure on Leslie Cheung and there was a good response. Follow that up, Hot toys will be releasing another version of Leslie in the year 2000 during his iconic Passion Tour concert.

This version of Leslie having the iconic straight long hair and shinny bronze colored suit to perform his hit song – Passion.

Here is the video of that song

The new 1/6th scale Leslie Cheung Collectible Figure (Miss You Much Leslie - Passion Tour Version) capture some of the charm of Leslie on stage.

The collectible figure features a highly-accurate for you to do those pose in the video.

There is only one head sculpt with real fabric long hair. The look capture the expression of Leslie fans are familiar with.

For accessories there are microphone stand, a light-up figure stage with a paper backdrop which is specially modeled after Leslie’s Passion Tour concert stage.

That being said, this figure would be more of an exclusive and limited edition and expect the price higher than usual Hot Toys.

This figure will be releasing in March 2014 and the estimated listed price is around SGD300.00

If you are a fan of Leslie and you collect Hot Toys, then this figure is one which you may want to get.

Sometime I still feel sad of his passing. I hope he is happy now.

Do you miss Leslie Cheung?


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