Green Android in the Rainbow Set

I love Android. Not only the operating systems but the toy too.

I managed to get a Green Android which was in the recent colorful series. As it was sold loose, I choose to get the green one.

This latest version has similar articulation as the previous version.

The Android wording still can be found at the lower back of the Android.

The beauty of this version is that the head is removable which allow some empty spaces in the body to store anything of your wish such as clips or coins.

For this instance,  I will use it with my Lego Godzilla guy. Quite a nice fit!

You can just put back the head on him and due to the fact it is translucent, you can see the content inside the body. My Lego guy seems like be piloting the Android. :)

Here is a comparison of the classic green Android.

The main improvement was the head is allow to turn 360 degrees and you may tilt the head to make him like talking.

It is really a nice toys just for your collection

Do you like this new version of Androids?


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