17th Craziest Toy Sale @ Takashimaya

It is another Craziest Toy sales again at Takashimaya shopping center in Singapore beginning 21st of September to 29th of September 2013.

Disclaimer: what is sharing here was indeed what was on sale there. some of the items I am sharing may sold out depending on which day you pop by. First is Starwars. Here is how crazy they cut the prices...

The 3.75" figures selling 2 for SGD$10!!

Ultimate Lightsaber was selling at SGD$20 each but as you can see, some familiar faces came to grab during the opening for reselling later.

For Nerf guns lover, here are the offers...

The older Transformers prime deluxe classes toys at SGD$15.00.

For the 2012 Thundercats, the 4" figures selling 2 for SGD$8 and the new Sword of Omen toy selling at SGD$19.00

Not forgetting ThunderTank. Even with lower pricing, I don't feel like getting this series too.

For Japanese Bandai stuff, there are whole set of head of Ultraman, Power ranger and Mask riders.

There are S.I.C series and also the 3.75" vehicle on sale...

Not forgetting if your kids or you like Beyblade, it is truely cut down prices.

Even the toy stories originally SGD$24 selling just for SGD$3...Crazy!.

Robot damashii selling at SGD$30.00

Also other tradepaper box clearing Gundam stuff and it is just SGD$3.00 each!

Lastly there is also Chibi-arts for offer at SGD$15.00

Last but no least, the Decade belt which was SGD$99 to SGD$49 and now SGD$20!! Must buy!!

If you are free in the weekend, pop by Takashimaya fair too! Good Luck!


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