30 July 2013

FURBY BOOM coming to Singapore in August

If you think the latest FURBY is cool, you should look at the coming FURBY BOOM series which allow you to have more interactive activities using your Apple or Android devices.

The FURBY BOOM includes the ability for owners to hatch digital FURBY babies called FURBLINGs via the all-new app which promises to take fans on a digital adventure using their mobile or tablet device as they raise, care for and play games with their playmate.

For most of the interaction like giving your Furby his first name, feeding, bathing and bring him to the toilet it is all done on the Apps on your devices.

Each Furby as his own personality depending how the owner plays and interacts with it. There are total of five brand new personalities. Owners can ‘get to know’ their new friend through all-new LCD eye animations that express the ‘emotions’ of one of the new personalities of the FURBY BOOM creature.

As owners play with and care for their FURBY BOOM friend they will earn colorful virtual eggs that in time will each hatch and become a FURBY baby called ‘FURBLING’, that will ‘live’ and ‘evolve’ within the app. Using the app, both owners and FURBY BOOM can feed, play, and interact with the virtual FURBLING who speaks both English and FURBISH.

Fans will be able to collect over 50 eggs within the FURBY BOOM app and eventually build a FURBY BOOM city. Eggs can be earned through game play within the app, exchanges among other FURBY BOOM owners, and a few surprises to be announced later in the year that will utilize QR codes. Through game play, FURBY BOOM owners can also earn FURBUCKS virtual currency which can be used to enhance their FURBY BOOM city.

From 20 August 2013, FURBY BOOM will be available in six fashion-forward pattern combinations with four more patterns available by the October.

Be the first in Singapore to own the all-new FURBY BOOM, , public pre-orders will begin from 2nd to 20th August 2013 at all Toys’R’Us outlets. Pre-order customers will receive a goodie bag worth SGD46.70, which consists of FURBY Backpack, FURBY 2014 Organiser & a Colour Marker Set. Join us at Toys’R’Us VivoCity from 21st to 25th August 2013 to celebrate the launch of FURBY BOOM, there will be photo-taking opportunities and more.

Here is the video

 FURBY BOOM is priced at SGD119.90. Visit furby.com for more FURBY fun.

27 July 2013

Bandai Ultra-EG Zetton

The monster Egg continue from Ultraman series and this time it is all time known Mosters, Zetton.

Zetton crossed path with various Ultraman and he is one strong villain. This toy allow the transforming of Egg to Monster form.

Compare to the Redking, Zetton egg look more outstanding as more insect like.

Zetton comes with it own instruction sheet of his unique transformation.

I love the color of Zetton as it has good contrast using Black, White and Orange yellow.

The transformation started with flipping of his legs on the back of the egg...

Soon the feet will be extended and you need to flip the chest piece out where the head of Zetton will be hiding inside.

The head has good detail of Zetton as we know it.

As for the arms, here are their only articulation. It is rather limited

Warning from the instruction is that you should not force the arms or legs to move in certain direction. I guess it is a common thing the designer expect most people will do. So you have been warned.

From the side, the back of Zetton is rather flat but still the figure can balance itself well.

At the back view, you can see various metal screws that holding the parts.

At the left leg, there was a logo.

To be honest, as great as Zetton look in colors and shape of the figure, there isn't much articulation as Redking...

Nonetheless for Ultraman fans, Zetton will be one important character you got to have looking at the Ultraman timeline and history.

Meanwhile my Ultraman made another discovery...

* His last experience here.

Oh Ultraman, when will you ever learned not to pick up eggs?

Time for Zetton to have his lunch... feeding on nectar. :D

Okay I am not certain if he do feed Nectar but he seems to like it. LOL

There are many more of Ultraman characters in this Ultra-EG series and it would be selling at Singapore retail in August.

25 July 2013

Hottoys The Crow Brandon Lee is coming

I was a fan of The Crow almost 20 years ago when I saw the movie and read the comic. I have one 6 inches figure of The Crow too.

It was exciting to hear Hot toys will be releasing the same character in 1/6 scale figure in January 2014.

The figure comes with the leather coat .

The face they chosen was the vengeance look on Eric Draven. You can even see the ring that he wore from his dead fiancée Shirley.

The figure will comes with a flying pose Crow, Guitar and 3 set so of hands.

For those in Hong Kong 15th ACGHK and put up for the pre-order, you will include one (1) weather vane as bonus accessory. Yes that was the weapon on the church rooftop in the movie.

The pricing was HKD $1,380 in the retail to be.

If you are fan of Brandon Lee the Crow, this is a good figure to get. Although there could be a possibility that they make this to a DX with more head change, rolling eyes and other costume or even speakers for the Guitar. Well I am just thinking aloud. :)

21 July 2013

Bandai Ultra-EG Redking

Something is cooking from Bandai and it's Ultra Egg from the Ultraman series.

I have often wonder where Ultraman monster came from. Many of the time they travel as an egg form as a meteorite crashing to earth. So it make sense to have Egg form monsters.

Here is Red King. If you have watched Ultraman series, this monster may not be stranger to you.

The fun of this series was the transformation of Egg form to monster form.

Every packet will come with their own instruction in English and Chinese. If you are wondering why it was not in Japanese, this series is under Bandai asia which is located in Hongkong.

If you are wondering the size of this egg, this picture should give you a example.

I noticed that the egg comes with a logo on Red King.

Now let's talk about the transformation as it started with an Egg.

You first pull out it's tail.

Only then you can pop his head out...

Now you can transformed his arms and legs from each side...

It should be able to stand but somehow it does not stand up straight...

That is because you need to extend it's tail to be a support...

Now Redking can stand well by itself! Roar!!

A close up on the head of the RedKing and the details are there. It look friendly as it is target for kids.

I have to say this series come as a surprise. Who would imagine the monster comes in a egg form?

Even Ultraman did not see that coming! LOL

This series will be releasing in the beginning of August in Singapore. In this toy series, there are not only Monsters but Ultraman too! But of course most of them are popular monsters in the Ultraman series.

After this review, my son is having a good time with it. It just love transforming from egg to Monsters and Monster to Egg. 

18 July 2013

Random Dragon Quest Monsters 2

Dragon Quest has many Monsters and on my previous review I shared some Random Monsters. I decided to share more random Monster toy from the Dragon Quest series.

To be honest, I do not know them well as names as those version I used to play were in Japanese. 

First it is Pizzaro

Basically this monster has two heads.

You have a Monster that uses Magic.

The figure comes with colourful costume and very detail magic staff.

Now a more raw power monster which hold a big club as a weapon.

This red monster although as their wings but looking at the size, it maybe no lift it up for long flight.

The monster seem to give an hungry expression.

Finally the last boss of Dragon Quest VII, Orgo Demila

The coloring and details on it's back look really good.

These are some colourful monster from Dragon Quest series just to share with you.

Hope you have enjoyed it.

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