Manga Bird on Windows 8

I have recently updated my PC and change to a Windows 8 Pro. It is another learning curve for me as the OS has many new feature and new ways to handle stuff. One of the main feature is the Metro interface where you install Apps pretty much like mobile Apps.

As I have friends who hop over the new OS earlier than me, they given me some pointer of what APPS to download and I have found one that I want to share with you guys who love reading Manga. That APPS is Manga Bird.

To install this App you need to go into STORE in Metro mode. From there look for the Apps name in Search. The App is FREE!!

When you launched the App, you will see the whole Library of Manga you ever wanted to find.

As many who are fans of Danboard and Yotsuba, now you can read the whole Manga series in English!

I went for old school and saw CityHunter too!

Then I remember He is my Master.

Then I recall one of my favourite sport comic, Slam Dunk and it is there! I can have an option to mark as my favorite so that I can come back to read the series.

The viewing of Manga is simple, you just click on the chapter on the right and it will load the pages. You can also bookmark the chapter and pages you are reading and come back to read later.

As for me, I am currently reading Claymore which I saw the Anime years back but it stopped half way and it is time for me to read the Manga as it continues.

There are other titles like Dragonball, Vintage Kamen Rider and other Famous Manga. If you are using windows 8, go ahead and install that Apps and start reading Manga again. That certainly help me as collectors I have space constraint for storage. With Ebook or Online viewing we have no issue.

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