28 May 2013

Tamashii Unofficial Sentai Akibarangers Season 2

For Power Ranger or the Unofficial Sentai Akibarangers fans. here are some of the new figures that would be releasing this year.

The Unofficial Sentai Akibarangers series has well entering soon to season 2 and here are the Set for Season 2.

For the Akiba Red it is a power up version and will be releasing in June at 3,650 Yen.

For the Akiba Blue, she has a new hair style by the season 2 and some weapon accessories like Dairen Bomber and Jyuren Buckler.

The cute Akiba Yellow also has a new hair style and a new weapon Hurricane Ball. Both Blue and Yellow will be release in July 2013 at 3,650 Yen

Season 2 also comes with a MoyaMoya Zukyuun which operate by Marucina and it has writing all over it which look really cool.

This comes with Marucina's Voice. Here is a comparison between the two.

Ryu Ranger releasing in August 2013 for 3,675 Yen

Dragon Ranger releasing in June 2013 for 3,675 Yen

Tyranno Ranger releasing in July 2013 for 3,675 Yen

If you are a classic Power Ranger fan, you will be happy there will be more Power Ranger release of the classic version in time to come under S.H.Figuarts 

Here are some of the figures

That's all for Ranger related news. More later.

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