Tamashii Saint Cloth Myth 10th Anniversary Project

I was invited to Bandai Tamashii 2013 new product in Singapore and there are couple of new products announcement and there are quite a number of photos and information and so I will categories them in my following post.

One of the major announcement was the Saint Cloth Myth 10th Anniversary Project and in the celebration for Bandai knew more than 57 percents of the fans are not in Japan.

In line with the celebration, there will be new release of figures in every month starting from September 2013. The new line will have new color scheme. 

Here is the schedule of the release of each figure.

Pegasus Seiya will take the lead in releasing for this new series and here is the new color scheme.

I personally love this color blue. Cool don't you think? It is priced as 7,875 Yen.

One of the highlight will be God Cloth Athena which has never before release and it is a Hot figure for the fan to finally get to own her.

Athena is schedule to release in December 2013.

The list price will be 10,500 YEN.

There will be display for sale too should you need some authentic back drop from the series. The DX dislay stage set for Saint Cloth Myth 10th Anniversary and it will be on sale in December 2013 for listed price of 5,250 Yen.

In November 2013, there will be a new TV series Saint Seiya Omega which is the continuation of where the story left off in the timeline.

Here are preview figures of Saint Seiya Omega starting with Pegases Kouga.

Pegases Kouga armor.

Orion Eden.

Lionet Souma.

Dragon Ryuho

Not forgeting there is the continuation of the Saint Seiya EX line with Capricorn Shura in July 2013 for 6,300Yen

And Dragon Ryuho in August 2013 for 6,300Yen

I am pretty sure this will get Saint Seiya fans excited.

I will post shortly the other product of other line on my next post. Stay Tune. :)


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