Nerf VORTEX VIGILON Sonic Series

I got another ToyRus Exclusive and it is a Sonic series but this time is not Maverick but a newer series which uses Disc rather than bullets. Meet Vigilon from the Vortex.

I pick this blaster for two reasons. One I love the green translucent color theme and second I love the disc as it fly further than it should be.

Time to Open the Toy!

Out of packaging, the color truly capture my attention

For this blaster itself, it comes with 5 discs ammo and that is the max this blaster can take per load.

The instruction sheet that comes with the blasters is very clear regarding the handling of this blaster.

For me to load the discs, I need to open the disc Breech and to do that I have to flip the breech release lever and out pop the disc breech.

Next is to load up the 5 discs and that is the maximum.

All you need to do now is to close the breech and pull the slide to load a disc to the chamber.

Once it is loaded, you can see the disc in the chamber.

I am impressed with the distance and speed the disc shooting out of the blaster. It was so smooth and accurate.

Here is a comparison of both Sonic series from ToyRus of Maverick and Vigilon.

I have been spending quite some time on this Vigilon and if practice enough, you have speed of shooting and accuracy.

This is really a fun blaster and look cool too!

What do you think about this Nerf Blaster?


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