The quest for Bootleg Chima continue...what am I saying, I am just reviewing these non-LEGO Chima for just awhile. On our last review, we got Equila, and now is the other side of CHIMA storyline.

The packaging is simple but still look professional as it is decent presentation.

As usual, there are four characters cards in full colors.

As for the main mini-figure, the details are great and the coloring is even.

Every pieces can be hold well together and there are no loose parts.

Helmets. armor, wings, weapons and CHIMA gems.

The packaging presentation is not true to some extend as the weapons are different and notice the character comes with a hook as the left hands but the actual figure do not have the hook.

The weapon would be true to the actual LEGO CHIMA but not the packaging that this figure comes in.

There you have it. Both side of CHIMA. From far it is hard to really tell they are from LEGO or not.

These are certainly a choice for army building for a budget. What do you think?


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