Kotobukiya Starwars Namecard Holder

Starwars has been a POP culture in our life and it is now fitting to have Name card holder. Kotobukiya will be rolling out 3 designs from Starwars and they look professional.

We have Darth Vader. I mean come on. Who doesn't know him? If you are a boss, you got to have him for your name card.

Now if you are not the CEO, you would be a professional. So this chrome Storm trooper name card holder is for you!

What if you want to stand out? No sweat. C3PO could be for you as it is gold looking. Very professional.

This series will be rolling out in July 2013 and the expected price is around 3000 Yen.

These would make you look cool in some ways.

Would you consider to get these name card holder and use in your profession?


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