Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Singapore Event

As Iron Man 3 is currently open in theatres in Singapore. Hot toys together with Action city put up their latest display at Bugis Singapore to feed the Iron Man fans' appetite.

Although the display floor space is quite small, the showcase was well display and it would take you more than 5 minutes to take a look at everything.

At the entrance was the full display of Iron Man armory like in Iron Man 3. Here is Tony Stark in the beginning of the Iron Man 3 trying out his Mark XLII.

Robert could be the most head sculpt actor in Hot Toys history so far. Such likeness.

Here is Tony's favorite robot helper of all time. This robot started to be fire control and love spraying on Tony himself. In Iron Man 3, Tony gave it a name as Dummy and at the end of the movie went back to carry this handy robot back with him. You can see how much he love this robot.

On the left for the armory was Mark 1 which was built in the cave when he was in captivity.

Follow by the chrome Mark II. THis was given to US military to be repainted as War Machine later.

Follow by the Mark III.

At the other end of the display was Mark VII

There is a desk for part of Mark XLII and other tools and blue prints.

One of the highlight was the World Premier of Hot Toys 1/6 scale Iron Man 2 Armored Whiplash (Mark II)

It take them such a long time to be releasing this figure as it is Iron Man 3 now...

Some detail shots of the whip joints

Iron Monger was also on display. For this they show the head of Obadiah

Close up on Obadiah

Mark I with Tony's head was on display too. It was using the flame thrower.

Somewhere in the certain of the display area, was the break down on Iron Man suit.

This is like a model kit but I am unsure if this can be fully assemble to be a figure or not.

Now time for Iron Man 3 series figures as there are some bust of Mark XLII and Iron Patriot.

Iron Patriot display.

The damage version of Mark XLII

Here is Mark XXXV the Red Snapper.

Mark 35 is a Disaster Rescue Suit so you can see the armor as bigger claw.
Too bad this armor go up with a Bang in the ending of Iron Man 3. We never know if it will appear again since Tony can built another one.

That's all for my coverage of Hot toys Iron Man 3 display and the event will be there till this weekend 5th of May 2013 at Bugis Junction.

These certainly give Iron Man fans happiness.


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