Grimlock Fall of Cybertron

After getting Soundwave voyager class from Fall of Cybertron, another voyager line in the latest series was Grimlock. I have been waiting for sometime to get my hand on one and I am so glad to got one.

Grimlock was such a strong character in Autobot team and who would not want to get him?

The Hasbro Grimlock was rather plain with just the basic coloring compare to TakaraTomy version but for the price I got this, I will not complain. OTTi: But you just did!

Out of the package, the front viewGrimlock look well built with big arms and torso.

While on the back view, you see more of the Dino version than a humanoid design.

A close up on the head of Grimlock. I have to say the head look tiny.

Grimlock unlike most Autobots is only having Melee weapon. To make up the disadvantage of range weapon, he was given a shield.

Given a primative nature, Grimlock is one true fearless warrior and let his sword does all the talking.

Now for the transformation.

First you pull the back dino head to the front...

Next change the hands into the Dino mode legs.

At this stage it may look like the Dino mode is complete but it is not. You need to change the legs into the tail of the Dino mode.

You just have to push the legs up exposing the tail.

With that, Dino mode is ready

Now the figure allow the fire glowing effect on the head of Dino mode like breathing fire. You have to activate that on the back of the neck switch.

If you are wandering where is the batteries, it is at the bottom of the neck.

In Dino mode, you can see the Autobot logo on the top of it's head.

Remember the weapons, you can place the sword at the side of the Dino mode legs.

While the shield you can place on the other side of the leg.

Now I have the animated version of the Grimlock and I have decided to have side by side comparison to see if the Fall of Cybertron Grimlock...

As you can see, the Animated version of the Dinobot is more massive than the Fall of Cybertron version...

Even when they face each other in Dino mode, the animated version look more intimating.

That being said, Fall of Cybertron Grimlock look more realistic and I am glad to have gotten him.

Do you love Grimlock too?


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