Disney Stitch Kungfu series from Dragon

I love Stitch and I guess many does too. Here is a Kungfu series of Stitch from Disney released by Dragon a Hongkong toy brand.

In this series there are 3 sets where the 3.5 inches Stitch will be doing some of the icon Kungfu in movie history.

Stitch doing the Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon. With the yellow suit and nunchucks and doing the Bruce Lee expression, you cannot go wrong.

Stitch doing the Yong Chun aka IP Man.

This set comes with the accessories of Stitch training with the wooden stand.

Stitch the drunken Master, signature of Jacky Chan early career movie. I notice the red brush on the cheeks. Really drunk.

You can really make Stitch to do the drinking pose too.

If you are a Stitch and Kungfu lover, this sets is a must get!

Isn't Stitch cute doing Kungfu?


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