Bandai MG RX-78-2 Version 3 coming

One of the famous Gundam Mobilesuit RX78-2 will be releasing in 1/100 scale. That is the Master Grade (MG) and it is getting better and better.

The Version 3 of MG RX-78-2 very much inherit the Real Grade in terms of the parts. If you have done RG version, doing this MG would be easier as I remember doing the RG version was quite difficult as the parts are small but the joints and the colors are good.

The official product will comes with a LED to light up the eyes and this is quite rare as in the official model kit comes with a LED.

Below is a video of all the features of the MG version 3 of RX-78-2.

It is really a good model kit to have if you want to get a good original Gundam and it will be releasing in August 2013 and price at 4,725 Yen


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