3D Iron Man Mark VII iPhone 5 Casing

For Iron Man fans who are using iPhone 5, here is one gadget you will be interested!

Iron Man iPhone 5 casing!!

Unlike some other iPhone casing which are using as wallpaper sticker type, this is a full 3D armor pieces of Iron Man. The casing will not only provide beauty but also offer protection as they are using ABS hard case with metallic Mark VII colored paint application.

Here is the front and back view of the cover.

If you need to activate your camera, you can slide out a armor piece and your camera is expose.

The best part is when you have a SMS or call, the ARC reactor will blink!

Do note you need to set the LED to blink in a certain way under iPhone setting.

This is a limited edition casing and it is selling at USD$49 at the following link

If you are wondering if Tony Stark will be using this, he does not. Because he is Iron Man. But fans of Iron Man will want it. LOL


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