30 May 2013

Wizard of Oz Hello Kitty McDonalds Fairy Tales

The Hello Kitty McDonalds craze has started again and this time, it is the Fairy Tales series.

The story begin with the following

It is the Wizard of Oz and this time Kitty will dress as the Lion.

This whole classy packaging is like a Book of Fairy Tales with the title on the side of the book.

Just like the book when you open it, you see a window with the Lion Hello Kitty inside. This packaging will certainly encourage the collectors to keep in the box. For once this packaging is better the previous series which only come in sealed plastic bag.

Time to Open the Toy and see how is the Hello Kitty inside.

The design and the two tone colors works really well in the overall look of the Lion from the Wizard of Oz.

At the back, the main attraction was the Lion's mane. I have to say the touch sensation of the Lion's Mane on this plush feel really good. Soft and cuddling.

Now the eyes of the Lion found on the costume makes the Lion look dumb. The eyes look like sew on buttons.

While the Lion's mane felt good but the only missing I felt was there seems to left out the Lion tail in this figure.

The hood of the Lion costume can be taken out and here is how Hello Kitty will look....Just like a Hello Kitty.

In the fairy tales, the Lion set out the journey with Dorothy as he want to have courage in his life and at the end of the journey the Lion finally discover he has the courage all the long but he refused to believe in what he has.

Since I saw this Lion Hello Kitty. I wonder how Kitty will sound like if she trying to Roar like a Lion.

Have you got the Lion from Wizard of Oz already??

29 May 2013

Macdonald fairytale Hello Kitty in Singapore

McDonald Hello Kitty is arriving in Singapore again starting from 30 May 2013 and this time is a fairly Tale theme.

There are six to collect from.

Hello Kitty x The Wizard of Oz the Lion (30 May to 5 Jun)
Hello Kitty x Little Red Riding Hood (6 Jun to 12 Jun)
Hello Kitty x The Frog Prince  (3 Jun to 19 Jun)
Hello Kitty x The Ugly Duckling (20 Jun to 26 Jun)
Limited Edition Hello Kitty x The Singing Bone (27 Jun to 3 Jul)
Hello Kitty x McDelivery Special Edition (Start on 30 May) only available for McDelivery orders

To get this Hello Kitty, you have to order a Extra Value Meal and pay additional S$4.60 for each of them.

Here is some information I found out on this series. The same series was released in HongKong in July 2012 and back then you notice there was an Wisdom OWL Hello Kitty which was quite cute too!

You may read more on the Hong Kong Mcdonald promotion then at this link

There was also a Card edition in Hongkong too for this series.

You may read more for the cards here

Anyway don't let this discourage you in anyway as the Hello Kitty Plushes for this series are pretty cute and with good packaging too!

Do you want me to review this series?

28 May 2013

Tamashii Unofficial Sentai Akibarangers Season 2

For Power Ranger or the Unofficial Sentai Akibarangers fans. here are some of the new figures that would be releasing this year.

The Unofficial Sentai Akibarangers series has well entering soon to season 2 and here are the Set for Season 2.

For the Akiba Red it is a power up version and will be releasing in June at 3,650 Yen.

For the Akiba Blue, she has a new hair style by the season 2 and some weapon accessories like Dairen Bomber and Jyuren Buckler.

The cute Akiba Yellow also has a new hair style and a new weapon Hurricane Ball. Both Blue and Yellow will be release in July 2013 at 3,650 Yen

Season 2 also comes with a MoyaMoya Zukyuun which operate by Marucina and it has writing all over it which look really cool.

This comes with Marucina's Voice. Here is a comparison between the two.

Ryu Ranger releasing in August 2013 for 3,675 Yen

Dragon Ranger releasing in June 2013 for 3,675 Yen

Tyranno Ranger releasing in July 2013 for 3,675 Yen

If you are a classic Power Ranger fan, you will be happy there will be more Power Ranger release of the classic version in time to come under S.H.Figuarts 

Here are some of the figures

That's all for Ranger related news. More later.

Tamashii S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon releases

Sailor Moon. One of the early female heroines anime and Manga has reached 20 years and for those who have watched this anime, you know how old you are now. :P

After 20 years, finally a decent action figure under Tamashii S.H.Figuarts.

She will be having a Moon Stick and Moon Tiara action. The first production premiums comes with two more facial expression which gave her the playful looks in the Anime. 

Not forgetting her Cat Luna. 

Sailor Moon will be releasing in August 2013 at listed price of 4,410 Yen.

Tamashii confirm in the event that the next in the series of S.H.Figuarts will be Mercury but no release date were announced yet.

Are you a fan of Sailor Moon? If you are not, In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!!! Just joking. LOL

More release later.

Tamashii Saint Cloth Myth 10th Anniversary Project

I was invited to Bandai Tamashii 2013 new product in Singapore and there are couple of new products announcement and there are quite a number of photos and information and so I will categories them in my following post.

One of the major announcement was the Saint Cloth Myth 10th Anniversary Project and in the celebration for Bandai knew more than 57 percents of the fans are not in Japan.

In line with the celebration, there will be new release of figures in every month starting from September 2013. The new line will have new color scheme. 

Here is the schedule of the release of each figure.

Pegasus Seiya will take the lead in releasing for this new series and here is the new color scheme.

I personally love this color blue. Cool don't you think? It is priced as 7,875 Yen.

One of the highlight will be God Cloth Athena which has never before release and it is a Hot figure for the fan to finally get to own her.

Athena is schedule to release in December 2013.

The list price will be 10,500 YEN.

There will be display for sale too should you need some authentic back drop from the series. The DX dislay stage set for Saint Cloth Myth 10th Anniversary and it will be on sale in December 2013 for listed price of 5,250 Yen.

In November 2013, there will be a new TV series Saint Seiya Omega which is the continuation of where the story left off in the timeline.

Here are preview figures of Saint Seiya Omega starting with Pegases Kouga.

Pegases Kouga armor.

Orion Eden.

Lionet Souma.

Dragon Ryuho

Not forgeting there is the continuation of the Saint Seiya EX line with Capricorn Shura in July 2013 for 6,300Yen

And Dragon Ryuho in August 2013 for 6,300Yen

I am pretty sure this will get Saint Seiya fans excited.

I will post shortly the other product of other line on my next post. Stay Tune. :)

26 May 2013

Nerf VORTEX VIGILON Sonic Series

I got another ToyRus Exclusive and it is a Sonic series but this time is not Maverick but a newer series which uses Disc rather than bullets. Meet Vigilon from theVortex.

I pick this blaster for two reasons. One I love the green translucent color theme and second I love the disc as it fly further than it should be.

Time to Open the Toy!

Out of packaging, the color truly capture my attention

For this blaster itself, it comes with 5 discs ammo and that is the max this blaster can take per load.

The instruction sheet that comes with the blasters is very clear regarding the handling of this blaster.

For me to load the discs, I need to open the disc Breech and to do that I have to flip the breech release lever and out pop the disc breech.

Next is to load up the 5 discs and that is the maximum.

All you need to do now is to close the breech and pull the slide to load a disc to the chamber.

Once it is loaded, you can see the disc in the chamber.

I am impressed with the distance and speed the disc shooting out of the blaster. It was so smooth and accurate.

Here is a comparison of both Sonic series from ToyRus of Maverick and Vigilon.

I have been spending quite some time on this Vigilon and if practice enough, you have speed of shooting and accuracy.

This is really a fun blaster and look cool too!

What do you think about this Nerf Blaster?

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