Hasbro Transformers Fan Built Bot

Do you know Transformers is turning 30 next year? Man I feel old!

In preparation of Transformers 30th Anniversary, Hasbro is giving fans an opportunity to have a say in deciding what the fan want.

The “Fan Built Bot” Poll kicks off today, and will run through May 5th at TRANSFORMERS.com/vote. Hasbro invites fans to vote daily to shape this new TRANSFORMERS character. The new character will be made into an action figure featured in the “Thrilling 30” line of toys to celebrate the anniversary next year.

You can cast what you want for “Fan Built Bot” character such as being AUTOBOT or DECEPTICON to its vehicle mode, color, weapons and personality. Each day a person can only do a single vote. The data will be collected and the most popular choice will be chosen. This exercise will create a new TRANSFORMERS character and later Hasbro will be giving fans to name the new character. More details on the naming will be announced soon.

After you have cast your choice, Optimus will thank you personally.

If you try to break the rule by doing more than vote a day, Megatron will tell you to come back tomorrow to vote again.

Why not join in the fun to tell Hasbro how your idea Transformers should be and you never know your choice maybe chosen.

Don't be a Nato. Go have a say at TRANSFORMERS.com/vote.


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