Tin Toys from China

Today I am going to share with you some Tin toys that I saw on my trip to China and some of these toys I happened to own before the trip. ":)

At a certain toy department I saw these Quality Tin Toys and it was said that these tin toys came into existence in the 1970s and these toys were made in hope to sparks the vintage love and some childhood memories.

Tin toys as we know it are casted by thin sheet of tin in various shape and design and painted with various colors. Most of these toys edges were filed smooth but sometime they may still be some uneven parts.

Tin are selected because it is light and easy to cast and not to mention pretty low cost.If it is not kept well, most tin toys would rust in a couple of months.

Most of the popular designs were class into two categories. The scientific or future-look such as Rocket, airplane of that era (world war 2 planes), vehicles like motorbikes and cars.

While the other catergory would be more to nature such as animals like Bunny, Chicken

Or even a Frog, Regardless of these two categories, most if not all Tin toys are made to be wind-up to have some movement.

The fun of these toys would very much rest on the wind up movement part as it was cheaper than batteries operated toys back in those days.

It certainly bring back some memories of toys that my elder siblings played. Here are some wind up Tin toys that I review before such as the Robot, Tram, Airplane and Penguin.

Do you remember such toys too?


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