The Legendary Pokemon Mew

My first learned about the legendary Pokemon Mew is not of the Gameboy game but in the Pokemon: The First Movie.

Mew was a mysterious Pokemon but do you know the Mew was actually a secret character added by the programmer of the pokemon game? It was a character which suppose to be executive to Game Freak (the game developers). However Mew make a couple appearance by the players to encounter due to glitch of the game. This created a hype as the character was rare and not listed. Because of the secret of Mew, the Pokemon game go viral resulting in good sales figure.

Mew being a legendary pokemon, in the movie the human decided to play God to create a Clone using Mew DNA. That resulting MewTwo who started to look for meaning of his life. Soon after in the movie, MewTwo will face with Mew to fight it out.

Mew in the movie was a gentle and quite Pokemon. He often gave an impression that he/she is weightless floating around.

Personally I like Mew as he appear to be really a cool pokemon.

This capsule toy capture the good movement of Mew floating in the middle of the air.

Is Mew your favorite Pokemon as well?


How can i have that action figure too?? *-*

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