Medicom RAH Legend of Zelda: Link Coming

If you are a big fan of Legend of Zelda, you be happy to know Medicom will be releasing Link from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in November 2013.

Being a fan and who have played this recent game on Wii, I totally love this figure as the appearance is good looking like the game and it comes with various expression.

Now sometime back Figma did release another version of Skyward sword Link in a 5" figure but this is 12" and the major different is that this is real fabric and just look at the details of Link's costume.

Not to mention it comes with good number of accessories in line with the game.

Medicom articulations enable Link to minic those pose in the game just as the important part of raising the sword toward the sky to charge the sword to attack.

Link can even hold a Bow waiting to shoot at his target!

With a good range of expressions, accessories and articulation with real fabric, I can say this is the Ultimate Link one can get.

If you are a big fan of Legend of Zelda especially in the recent version, this is one figure you may want to consider to get if you have the budget.

The release date is in November 2013 so you may have some time to save up to get this Link.

Yes his name is Link, not Zelda. Thank you. :)


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