LEGO The Lone Ranger Coming

LEGO has yet to have more and more movies licenses figure on their belt. The coming would be The Lone Ranger, a classic TV series that was remade into a movie releasing in July 2013.

The LEGO toys came before the movie and will be releasing April 2013. Here are the playset which should be enough to give you a preview to the movie plot. :P

The Cavalry Builder Set which make out of Lone Ranger and 3 infantry men.

Comanche Camp which is an interesting set of Lone Ranger, 2 Red Indians and scorpions

Stagecoach Escape which the Stagecoach is a beauty.

Colby City Showdown a playset for you to shoot between the Bank and the Sheriff House.

Silver Mine Shootout where there is a tall construct and moving Mine kart

Constitution Train Chase is the biggest playset in the series as you can build a complete loop of the railway tracks for the train.

If you are into old western stuff, this Lego series could be just for you.

So what do I remember about The Lone Ranger? The show always end with Lone Ranger riding off the sunset and someone will ask another "Who is he?" and the other would answer "He is the Lone Ranger."

Catch these set in April.


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