Harry Potter Fan made Lego Hogwart

As Harry potter fan, most would like to visit Hogwart. Lego has rolled out Hogwarts castle but it is nothing compare to a big fan Alice Finch.

Alice uses about 400,000 bricks to build her Hogwarts over a 18 months period looking through the movies and the Harry Potter studio in London.

The final product was satisfying. As a Harry potter fan who read the book and watched the movies, it is easy to pick places where the story happen.

For castle you need to have the scale and details.

A scene from the goblet of fire where Harry face the Dragon.

Dormitory of the students of various houses.

Harry Gryffindor Dormitory

Scene for the prisoner of azkaban where Harry met Sirius Black.

Sick bay of Hogwarts

Defence Against the Dark Arts class in Chamber of secret.

Entrance of the Chamber of secret.

Big Dinnering hall of Hogwarts where most event and announcement happened.

The Chess room in the Sorceress stone.

Rubeus Hagrid's pumpkin fields

The bonus is that Hogwarts light up during the night. Magical indeed.

Alice with her Hogwarts. Just look at the scale!

THis post is a salutation for her effort. You can visit more at Alice's flickr account.


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