Enter the Sandman Megabloks

This is my first review and owning a toy from Megabloks. It was a blind pack of Marvel series 3 figures.

These series has a number of character that I would like to have such as Spider-man, Iceman and Silver surfer.

But all I get was the Sandman from Spider-man 3.

Although I am not really a fan of Sandman I am rather impress with the articulation and look of this figure from Megabloks. The number of the articulation due to his size can compare with Hasbro bigger figures.

The figure comes with a block and one accessory.

Of all accessories, Megabloks gave this sandman a bag of money since in the Spider-man 3 movie he robbed the bank.

Here is a close up on the face of Sandman

The feet of the figure are hollow so it can fit itself on the brick given.

The only weapon Sandman was his sand mace on his right arm.

If the attack never really works, he can always throw the bag of money on one direct as he run or disappear as sand to the other direction.

I have nothing much to complaint as the price of these figure is cheaper than the details on this toy.

If you are a Marvel fan, you can try your luck on these blind packs.


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