Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Here

If you have been following Transformers: Prime the series, the coming season 3 will be the Autobots having to face a new Decepticon that is much beast-like looking headed by the Predaking.

In line with the series, the toyline now has moved to Beast Hunters where the Decepticon are more Beast looking while the Autobot retain much of the vehicle form but are more pimped up with armor and blades.

The first wave of the deluxe class are Bumblebee (look very different in robot mode especially the head piece), Lazerbeck, Soundwave and Wheeljack.

Currently these are in our local retail in department store. Here is a comparison between the new figures and the older one from Transformers Prime series.

I noticed the new Beast Hunters pricing has increase a dollar more (SGD) on retail compare to the older Transformers Prime series.

So do not be taken a back when you see the actual pricing of the new deluxe class selling at SGD$29.90 instead of SGD$28.90.

What do you think of the dollar increase?


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