The New Playstation preview 20th Feburary 2013

This just in. From Playstation website it is announced that a major news on Playstation will be announced on 20th Feburary 2013 (Japan time).

It is safe to guess this could be preview of the Next Playstation Console after PS3 almost 7 years old. The Next Playstation code name was Orbis and news so far that the specs will be improve using AMD processor and the designs of the controller maybe different but still retaining the X,O,Triangle and Square button unique to Playstation. The console is said to comes with 500GB for harddisk and the RAM speed of 4GB.

Above are just rumor or hear-say but it is best to wait for the official news. Meanwhile here is the official trailer of the Playstation. Like I said, a preview to the NEXT Playstation.

Regardless I have to add those who having PS3, do not worry as it may take some time for the new Playstation to mature and have good titles for your gaming. Remember what make a game console work are the game titles and not so much on console hardware. :)

If you are still considering getting a PS3, I would say get it as they are lots of games to play and enough to tie you in till the New Playstation console is economical and have good titles. I will share more later.  Stay tune!


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