Exciting Stuff to look forward here

I would like some updates and plan I have for this blog Open the Toy. As the tagline is Toys, Games and anything Fun, the focus on this year will be rather equal with Toys post and more Game post.

Toys are still exciting
Do not worry as Open the Toy is still going to post Toy reviews and Toy news as always. For this year, I will do more different Toys in review and news in this region. I plan to attemptsome video toy review if I am up to it (no promises) but I will TRY. So be gracious if you see my vblog on toy review ya?

I will also be assisting to offer and review some special figures. I will be sharing more detail on that later :)

More Games
I have always focus on Toys and now it is time to add in some game post since I have been playing games more ever since I got my PS3. For that I have been reading more on Games news and playing more games and thus would like to share my reviews on games.

I will not be alone for Game review as I am glad to have a female gamer on board to share with us some of her thoughts on Games as well. I will let her introduce herself on the next post.

Social Media Connection
Some of you may not notice but I have been constantly connecting with readers on Facebook. On there I have been constantly update short clip and interesting sharing of cosplay and geeky stuff. If you are active in facebook and would like to read more interesting sharing from me, you can start by Like my page and also do the following go into Get Notifications and Add to interest Lists so you can recieved the full post deliver to you.

If you have not done the above, even though you like my page, my post will not be updated on your news feed as that is how facebook was design unless we the person who share pay them promotion fees. :(


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