Coca Cola Vintage Gas Baby

Coca cola. One of the popular soda drinks in the market that has been around for decades and one of the popular choice for drinks for Teens and kids during Chinese Lunar New Year.Most of us call it Coke now.

When I was child, having soda sugar drink was a rare treat especially from the age I grew up from. Only on Occasion like Chinese Lunar New year I can have a taste on this drink. As I grew older, having this drink is really a matter of choice.

However in the early days, Coca Cola has spend many on advertising and marketing and what I am going to review today is one of the many advertising mascot for Coca Cola and some of my Coca Cola collection. :)

So here he is. A Coca Cola baby dressed in Gas station suit probably from the 1950s period.

During that era, having a head wear is consider a proper attire and as a Gas station worker, having such hair is a fashion. You can see the badge of Drink Coca Cola on the hat.

Even though the Gas station you tend to get greasy and stuff, the uniform was designed in White base so to present a clean and professional look for the branding. The thin black stripes suppose should be the style of that era.

You can see the Black Bow tie, two big white buttons and the Coca Cola badge on him.

I can picture this advertising mascot is all done by illustration as to make someone look cute, they choose the baby feature, dress in proper working suit of that time. It is impossible to get a baby or trodders to dress and pose in this way just to take a photograph. So my bet this is a pure illustration.

Now you maybe now wondering what figure is this figure comes from? All I can say this was found in Japan but like you I cannot find which series is this from. Could be a Capsule or Trade figurine.

Since we are on the subject of Coca Cola, I am going to share my miniature collection from Coca cola.
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These are a series of Miniatures I have gotten from 7Elven years  back. All the bottles and cans comes together with a Coca Cola chiller.

It comes with bottles of Coke...

And various cans of Coca Cola.

I have put this vintage Coca Cola mascot with these miniatures just to take some photo for memory sakes.

Until now, Coca Cola is still one of the leading drinks

Are you a Coca Cola lover?


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