Civil War Ironman for Sale

Today I have the pleasure to review on this Resin Custom Civil War Ironman owned by a friend of mine

If you have read the Civil war edition between Ironman and Captain America, this is the Ironman suit during that time.

For those who have not read the comic, here is the cover of Civil war.

A close up on Ironman Suit

The back of his armor

This Ironman is around 22 inches weighting around 10kg.

There are only 50 made world-wide and this is one of them.

It comes with a custom stand of detachable captain America shield that was battled-damaged.

Comes with customized box.

The Price selling SGD $700 and free delivery within Singapore.

There is a Captain America to match this Ironman and will be sharing on that soon.

If you are interested, do leave your comment here with your detail. If you are oversea and you would like to have this figure, do comment with your detail and we will get back to you.


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