1/4 Sideshow Uncharted 3 Nathan Drake Coming

If a video game that has 3 installment of the same character, it shows there must be certain popularity of the main character. Uncharted Nathan Drake is one of them and it will not take long for a figure to be made for the fans. True enough, SIDESHOW will be releasing the 1/4 Premium Format display figure for him.

With the permission of Naughty Dog, this version of Nathan Drake is taken from Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception.  This figure wonderfully capture the action of Nathan who often have to run about and hopping over obstacles.

For fans who played the game (like me) would see the good resemblance of Nathan's face often unshaven. In many way, Nathan look like Harrison Ford.

As Premium Format Figure, the selling point is all about details and the material that were used. You will notice firstly the figure is wearing real clothing. Look at the details of the ammunition on his leather straps

The scarf which really made of cloth and the texture design with the leather pouches at his back.

Also the detail of his watch and skin.

Other details like leather pouches and his Timberland like boots with all the weathering and all.

This figure was said to have two exchangable hands which hold a Rifle or a handgun.

It is schedule to release in October 2013 with the listed price of USD $349.99

So far this is the only Nathan Drake figure in the history of Uncharted. So if you have the budget and love the figure, go and get it.

Do you love the Uncharted video game series?


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