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Review of Today Toy Sales

20 January 2013

Regardless that I have been CSC on Sunday to shop for toys, this is my first time being a seller at the table. I did not have the whole table to myself as I was riding on a group of friends. I carry two full bags of toys to CSC hoping to sell them off as I need the space at home and want these toys to have a better owner.

This is how our table look like in the beginning of the day. All of us are excited to wait for shoppers. 

As you can tell, our table is quite diverse as we have much Gundam toys, gashapons and some Dragonball toys.

One of the main thing we are trying to push are these BB Gundam which are mint in box with the all the model kit part not assembled. We were offering five bucks but still the sales is not what we expected.

One reason could be the wrong crowd as we get quite a number of shoppers looking for TMNT and other stuff.

As for me, these were the toys I wanted to clear and at the end of the day, I only managed to clear 20 percent of it. :(

We changed much of the presentation that few hours to try out how to attract more crowd and get people to really appreciate what we are selling.

All I have to say it is quite an experience to sell your toys on the table rather than a regular shoppers at CSC.

Will I ever going to have a table again? I may but not likely in the near future.

A Big thank you for those who got the toys from us and I hope you find much joy in them. :)

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