Lego Back to the Future is coming

As a Back to the Future fan, I was happy to hear the online campaign to get Lego to produce official Back to the Future comes true. Like the movies, there will be 3 version of it. The set will be called 21103 Back to the Future Time Machine and the following are just concept photos. The actual one will confirm in the later date.

Back to the Future 1. The standard DeLorean with a Marty figure and his skateboard, and a Dr. Brown figure. I do hope the Delorean can open both doors as it can in the movie.

Back to the Future 2 was the DeLorean with hover modification with Marty and his hoverboard and a future dressed Doc. 

Back to the Future 3 is all about western-themed. The Delorean should be only running on Tracks but I don't think it look this way.

More details will be coming later as this is concept photos. The actual set will be releasing in mid 2013.More about that later and yes I will be tracking. :)


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