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Domo + DC Comics Vinyl Figures

08 January 2013

It has been sometime I haven't hear much on Domo and I was glad to hear something wonderful that DC comic has collaborate with Domo to produce a set of blind pack vinyl figures.

This 2.5″ figures series is schedule to release in February 2013 in blind box selling at USD$5.95 each.

Now since this is blind box, you need to calculate the odds to get the figures and hopefully to get what you wanted. So here are the odds and the various designs.

If you are Batman fan, here are odds for The Dark Knight movie version (all black) and the New DC batman (Black and grey) it will be 2/24. For the detective Batman (Blue and grey), the odd is 1/72.

If you in need or like Boy wonder aka Robin which there are two version (look quite the same to me), there are both 2/24 which is consider common.

If you are a Superman fan then the odds are higher.

The regular Superman (with red short) is common while the New 52 (left) is 1/72. You would be really lucky to get the Clark Kent Superman (middle) which is the rarest in the series 1/144.

As for Shazam, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman, all of them are common which is 2/24.

The only 2 villains in the series, Riddler is common but Twofaces is more rare 1/24.

There you have it. If you are looking to get this series, look at the odds and keep your finger crossed when you purchase one.

Look out for this in Feburary and who do you wished you will get?

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